Low-Code Video Application Development

EnableX Video Embed offers an easy-to-use Video Call App packed with powerful conferencing, collaborative, and reporting features. It empowers you to build both one-to-one and multiparty video meetings for any application or browser swiftly, using a simple yet robust REST API.

  • No need for client-side SDKs. Choose a pre-defined template that best fits your business application, customize features and UI scheme via the Visual Builder, and swiftly launch a fully-functional video meeting application.For detailed setup instructions and step-by-step guidance on application development, refer to the Low-Code Setup Guide.
  • Designed to support both one-on-one and group video meetings, facilitating real-time communication in various business contexts.
  • Easily embed real-time audio and video meetings into applications and websites, enhancing user engagement and collaboration.
  • Built-in reporting features for detailed insights into meetings, aiding in management and analysis.
  • Features such as Server API for provisioning, video room access, and reporting, alongside Open API for server-to-server communication. Includes Webhook notifications and recording delivery for enhanced workflow efficiency.

Additional information on specific features, updates, and technical specifications can be found in the following sections:

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